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Our range of services

At Altmann Stößel Dick Patentanwälte, we take care of your applications for patents, utility models, trademarks and designs domestically and internationally. Certainly, we also support you in advance, for example with regards to Invention Harvesting projects, in identifying possible inventions, in assessing same and in understanding their intrinsic potential. Regarding trademarks and designs, we share our experience with you in the development phase. Because of their multiple qualifications, our patent attorneys represent you in the proceedings before the European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office, the German Federal Patent Court, the WIPO, the EuIPO, the Federal Plant Variety Office and the Community Plant Variety Office. Besides these German and European proceedings, we coordinate and steer the proceedings in the international context using our network of competent and experienced colleagues abroad. It is needless to say that cost control and transparency during all stages of the proceedings are a matter of course.

Altmann Stößel Dick Patentanwälte support you regarding the implementation of your intellectual property rights in infringement proceedings and in so doing help you to enforce your rights. Furthermore, our patent attorneys are also highly experienced regarding proceedings to secure intellectual property rights, in particular in opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office and the German Federal Patent Court, as well as in German patent nullity cases. We work together with renowned and specialized attorneys in procedural law on a regular basis. Many patent attorneys of our IP firm are also qualified to represent cases before the Unified Patent Court.

Based on extensive practical experience and specific knowledge in this field, Altmann Stößel Dick Patentanwälte are also happy to advise you with regard to the drafting of contracts involving intellectual property, first and foremost with regard to license contracts. Intellectual property also plays a key role in research and cooperation contracts, material transfer agreements or in confidentiality agreements. In this regard, we understand the interests of the industry as well as those of academic institutions.

Altmann Stößel Dick Patentanwälte further advises on all strategic aspects relating to intellectual property. This includes the evaluation and assessment of patent portfolios with a view to the current business focus of your activities, the drafting and assessment of patent landscapes, the preparation of Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) analyses, due diligence proceedings and the monetary assessment of property rights in the context of M&A-Projects or transactions and assessment of contracts.

Are you interested in the administrative support for your IP Portfolio, and would you like to outsource relevant, internal administrative tasks, or avoid these entirely? In this case, Altmann Stößel Dick Patentanwälte is the ideal cooperation partner for you. We have been taking care of large patent portfolios, are familiar with the various national implications and have developed, tested and implemented structures for many years, which allows us to provide a very efficient and cost-effective administration of intellectual property rights in various countries. In case a question should arise regarding the administration of your IP portfolio which would require a respective qualification, an experienced patent attorney is available to provide you with sound advice and assistance at all times. As a result, challenges become a matter of routine.

How we work

For many years, we have been taking care of IP portfolios of all different sizes, for clients of various sizes and specific fields, on a national as well as on an international level. Our passionate and service-orientated staff members can implement individual requests and, of course, short-term changes to procedures to be taken into account regarding your internal requirements, in a routine and reliable manner. Internal resources which have been built up over years in the fields of IT, accounting and bookkeeping are further assets of the excellent support provided by Altmann Stößel Dick Patentanwälte.

At Altmann Stößel Dick Patentanwälte, regular team meetings are a further guarantee of comprehensive understanding and constant optimization of all processes and structures to be implemented for you. Subject to the requirements and complexity of a given case, interdisciplinary cooperation is a matter of course.

We continue to train our staff members on a regular basis at all levels and have implemented numerous quality assurance activities in our processes in order to fulfill our quality standards now and in the future. Most of our junior staff, in the attorney area and for administration purposes, is trained in-house according to our standards.

Our personnel responsible for your interests is structured and organized in view of the qualifications and fields of experience; depending on the complexity of a given process, we are in a position to involve respective competencies and use them according to your requirements. Thus, we are not only able to guarantee reliable processing of your tasks entrusted to us – in particular cost-effective solutions are possible on this basis and can be further individualized according to attractive agreements, such as specific volume-dependent rates. We are flexible regarding alternative fee agreements (AFA) since the established time-based billing is not necessarily always the suitable solution.

Do you require a conservative file management and a respective reporting system? Or do you prefer a completely electronic file management with specific portal solutions, as well as appropriate encryption tools including electronic invoicing using various file format specifications? Do you need fast, event-oriented reports or do you prefer standardized periodical summaries? For all this and for all interim solutions, you can rely on the expertise of Altmann Stößel Dick Patentanwälte.

You tell us what you require – we will find a solution. Just put us to the test!